Florida Woman Charged with Stalking Ex and His New Girlfriend By Text Messages

Boyfriend and Girlfriend date, get engaged and then break up.

Boyfriend becomes involved with a new Woman.

Girlfriend reportedly bombards both Boyfriend and Girlfriend with text messages. Hundreds of them. From different numbers. For over a year.

Boyfriend and Woman requested that she stop texting them.

Eventually, Girlfriends allegedly texts them that she is looking for an unregistered gun.

At which point the situation was perceived to be a police matter and Girlfriend was arrested on stalking charges.

Girlfriend was released on bail but a no-contact order was entered.

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Baby’s Decomposing Corpse Found in Crib in Home of Father Who Was Awarded Sole Custody of Baby

Ohio Husband and Wife have several children together, including Baby.

Husband and Wife divorce late last year.

Ohio Family Court awards Husband sole custody of Baby.

Over the summer, a cable TV installer goes to Husband’s home and discovers Baby’s decomposing body in a crib … in a room filled with malodorous trash … reportedly intended to mask the odor of the corpse.

It is believed that Baby died about a month earlier, but Husband never reported Baby’s death either to authorities or to family members.

Another baby of Husband’s and Wife’s also died, in 2013, of causes that were never precisely determined.

Husband has been charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. Additional charges may be brought.

Husband has entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity, and is confined pending posting of a $1 million bond.


  1. this Cleveland Plain Dealer news article: Medina father had full custody of toddler whose decomposing body was found in his home
  2. this People magazine news article: Ohio Dad Who Left Dead Toddler in Crib for a Month Pleads Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and
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Celebrities’ Entire Divorce File Sealed From Beginning to End

Oklahoma Husband and Wife are reportedly country music celebrities.

Husband and Wife decide to divorce.

Desiring to keep maintain their privacy, they apparently ask the Oklahoman Family Court to keep their divorce confidential.

And so the presiding judge, who happens to be from another county … and retiring imminently, decides to seal their divorce file.

All of it. No exceptions. Whatsoever.

Even the actual sealing order. Which is also supposedly mandated by law to be public.

The judge reportedly believes that the contents of the celebrities’ divorce file are of a private nature.

And the public has no right to the information in it.

Unlike other people’s divorces in Oklahoma. (And Florida.)

Not even the musicians’ full names are listed on the online public docket listing, just their initials.

And a former Oklahoma legislator contends that that is allillegal under Oklahoma law, which he alleges requires judges to seal only so much of the court case record as is really and truly necessary to protect a legitimate and compelling privacy interest which outweighs the public’s right to information. (Quite similar to Florida’s sunshine laws.)

Oh, and the elapsed time between first filing the case and entry of the final judgment is just two weeks! Which wouldn’t comply with Florida’s minimum statutory waiting period after filing. Although it, presumably, does satisfy any minimum applicable in Oklahoma.


Judge’s Toddler Dies Alone in Car on Very Hot Day

An eighteen month old Arkansas boy has died after being left alone in a car on a day when the outdoor air temperature reached almost 100 degrees.

Although it is not entirely clear, there are reportedly some indications that the toddler was in the care of his father at the time.

The youngster was the son of a Hot Springs juvenile dependency court judge, who presided over cases of alleged child abandonment, abuse or neglect.

Due to the judge’s prior tenure as a county prosecutor, a special prosecutor from another county has been appointed to oversee law enforcement’s investigation into the child’s death.

An autopsy suggests that the little boy died from heat exposure, but a toxicology report is still pending. It does not appear that any official decisions regarding potential prosecutions will be made in the interim.

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Twelve Year Old Girl Allegedly Stabs Stepmother to Death and Father Superficially

Twelve year old Daughter lives with Father and Stepmother, as well as Stepmother’s daughter.

By all accounts, they are a quiet, ordinary family, without any history of domestic strife calling for police intervention.

Until one fateful evening, when Daughter and Stepmother get into an argument.

Angry, Daughter starts a fire in her bedroom. When Stepmother tries to deal with the situation, Daughter allegedly stabs her … to death.

When Father attempts to restrain Daughter, Daughter allegedly stabs him – once, less severely – as well, then flees.

Police find and arrest Daughter the following morning.

Despite the superficial appearance of peacefulness, neighbors report that Daughter admitted to anger management issues and Stepmother worried about Daughter’s disobedience.

Daughter is being held pending formal charging, with appointment of a guardian ad litem and a public defender.

Read more in this South Bend [IN] Tribune article: Fatal stabbing of stepmom by 12-year-old girl stuns Elkhart and this WFBT 22 CBS TV article: ‘A tragic event:’ 12-year-old arrested in stabbing death of her stepmother .

What the Law Would Giveth, The Prenuptial Agreement Can Taketh Away …

Husband and Wife fall in love and marry.

Wife goes astray and has an affair.

Husband files for divorce.

And is aghast to learn that Wife’s cheating is irrelevant in family court.

Wife is still presumed entitled to half of the marital assets.

In general, Wife’s extramarital activities don’t impact a claim for alimony and spousal support.

Ditto, child support and visitation and parental responsibility.

For some, this is a bitter pill to swallow.

And that’s why infidelity penalty clauses are finding their way into more and more prenuptial agreements.

An adultery clause in a prenup can punish a wandering spouse financially, in regards to both property division and alimony.

Such clauses in an otherwise valid antenuptial agreement will be honored in Florida.

Now that “no fault” divorce is universal in family law across the US, couples are re-introducing the concept of fault in divorce via the prenuptial agreements.

Read more in this [UK] Daily Mail article: New prenup that means partners who stray will lose everything: Growing number of couples opting for infidelity penalty clause in agreements, divorce lawyer reveals .

Years After Divorce Over, Parents Still Fighting Over Custody, Timesharing and Visitation

Michigan Husband and Wife have three Daughters together, aged nine through fourteen. Husband and Wife divorce – in 2009. Child custody disputes are never ending though.

Wife has reportedly leveled allegations of child abuse against Husband. The Family Court has, however, found that Husband has not abused or harmed Daughters.

Nonetheless, Daughters refuse to go to visitation and timesharing with Husband.

Husband files a motion for modification of timesharing, seeking sole custody of Daughters, alleging that Wife has blocked visitation and is alienating Daughters from him.

For their apparent recalcitrant conduct, the Family Court sends Daughters to a juvenile detention boot camp, while it sorts things out.

The Family Court also orders Daughters to submit to medical examinations by their regular pediatrician, as required by the boot camp.

Husband also requests an order for Wife to undergo a psychological evaluation. The Family Court actually does one better, ordering the entire family to have psychological evaluations.

Later the Family Court orders Daughters released from the boot camp and sent to an ordinary camp while it continues to sort things out. The Family Court also orders Husband and Wife to foot the bill.

The Family Court has also tried to intimidate / coax Wife into complying with its visitation orders without having to actually impose incarceration on her … which would potentially result in Daughters’ further confinement in a juvenile facility.

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Mother Driving Toddler Reportedly Keeps Falling Asleep at Wheel in Drive-through … with Drugs and Paraphernalia in Car

Pennsylvania Mother has two year old Son.

While waiting on line at a fast food drive-through, Mother allegedly repeatedly nods off and “taps” the car in front of her. The driver in front of Mother calls law enforcement.

Upon their arrival, police reportedly conclude from Mother’s speech and gait that Mother is impaired. Inside Mother’s car, police find narcotics, marijuana, a glass pipe and … Son, crying, on the back seat.

Law enforcement also discovers that Mother’s driver’s license is suspended.

Mother is arrested on several charges, including DUI, reckless endangerment, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Mother is confined and Son is taken into child protective custody by the local child welfare agency.

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Remember To Collect Your Spousal Social Security Benefits …

Social security benefits by virtue of marriage are an endless source of confusion and are also too often a well-kept secret, or so it may seem. So it bears repeating some key points.

  1. There is no requirement that the recipient satisfy Social Security’s work credit requirements to collect spousal social security benefits.
  2. Spousal benefits are calculated as though the worker-spouse continued working long enough to max out their social security benefits – even if the worker-spouse didn’t.
  3. Spouses seeking spousal benefits should apply as soon as they reach full retirement age. Their benefits will not increase by waiting longer.
  4. Federal employees who receive government pensions don’t pay into the Social Security system and their social security benefits are reduced, possibly to nothing. The same is true for spousal benefits.
  5. If a couple has been married for at least ten years, they are eligible for spousal social security benefit – even if the worker spouse has remarried.

Read more in this Motley Fool article: Social Security Spousal Benefits: 5 Shocking Facts You Should Know .

Palm Beach County Mother Consents to Court-Ordered Circumcision and Avoids Consequences of Criminal Interference with Child Custody Charge

I’ve written previously about a local case where a Mother was held in contempt by the Palm Beach County family court for delaying her son’s circumcision for three years.

The Mother has been released from jail under a plea agreement whose terms include no longer blocking the circumcision. Indeed, the Mother has signed a written consent to the procedure.

If the Mother can stay on the right side of the law for a year, she may avoid consequences of the charge of criminally interfering with child custody.

But none of that guarantees that the Mother will have any timesharing with her four year old anytime soon. A full hearing directed to that issue must wait until mid-October, although a shorter related hearing will be held later this month.

In fact, the Mother reportedly does not know at this time whether the circumcision has been performed yet. The original hospital allegedly backed out due to political protests outside the facility.