Which Spouse Gets the Girlfriend in the Divorce?

Husband and Wife have three Children.

They have been married for twelve years.

Now they have decided together to get a divorce.

So that one of them can marry … their shared Girlfriend.

They haven’t yet decided which one of them will marry their Girlfriend.

In the end, it may not really matter.

They are a “threesome”.

They apparently share everything, including Husband’s and Wife’s Children.

Children apparently understand that they have acquired a bonus parent.

Husband and Wife actually want to extend parental rights to the Children to Girlfriend.

And New York is a state which appears ready to go along with that.

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Husband Granted No Fault Divorce Due to Wife’s Possession … By the Devil

Italian Husband and Wife are married for years.

They have two children together.

The last several years have been – trying.

In 2007, Wife reportedly begins exhibiting unusual, “inexplicable” behavior, in the presence of witnesses.

Levitating. Fits. Overturning a church pew and then hurling it towards the altar.

For all of the above reasons, Husband seeks a divorce, claiming that Wife is … “possessed by the devil”.

Husband doesn’t suggest that Wife is blameworthy for this though. Rather, just spooky, one may infer.

His claim snags Husband a no-fault divorce in Italy.

One can only hope that it wins Wife an examination by an epilepsy neurologist or psychiatrist.

Read more in this UK Daily Mail article: Italian man is granted a divorce by claiming his wife is ‘possessed by the devil’ after witnesses said they’d seen her LEVITATE

Grandmother Dresses as Scary Witch To Punish Young Child

Young Children are in care of Oklahoma City Grandmother.

Grandmother dresses up in a witch’s costume. Not to entertain Children.

But in an apparent punishment ritual.

Child pleads for Grandmother to “stop”, promising to behave better.

Grandmother allegedly burns Children, cuts them, whips them,withholds food from them, grabs them with pliers, and engages in other abusive acts.

Some of them captured on video taken by unknown parties.

Grandmother is charged with and convicted of felony child abuse.

Grandmother is sentenced to three life terms in prison.

A Man who also reportedly lives in the home with Grandmother and Children is also arrested and convicted of felony child abuse.

Man is sentenced to life in prison.

It is not stated how Children came to be in Grandmother’s care or whether they were taken into child protective custody.


  1. this Tribune Media Wire Service video: Video Shows Grandmother Dressed as a Witch While Abusing Child and
  2. this KFOR News Channel 4 article: Video shows Oklahoma City grandmother dressed as a witch while abusing grandchild