Divorce Complaint to … the Health Department

An Ohio divorce recently turned ugly.

One popular tactic engaged in by couples is “ratting the other spouse out”.

That’s what happened in this case.

The Husband allegedly reported the Wife to … the Health Department.

For keeping some chickens in their home (he still lives there), specifically, the couple’s child’s room.

The Wife is a vet.

And the boy reportedly hasn’t been staying in the room since the chickens have been there.

The chickens are healthy and are being kept in a clean and appropriate manner.

Interesting to note, the Health Department reports that approximately half of the complaints it receives each year arise in divorces.

Read more in this Cleveland WKYC article: Chickens at the center of Willoughby Hills divorce dispute.

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UK Mom Wrongly Jailed Over Crib Deaths Seeks Divorce and Custody of Surviving Child

UK Mother is incarcerated for four plus years for murdering her babies, based on subsequently discredited medical testimony. In actuality, the babies died of crib death.

Since Mother’s arrest, Father has had sole custody of surviving minor child, Daughter.

Now released, Mother wants a divorce – and modification of custody to her.

Of course, Mother and Daughter’s relationship deteriorated during and immediately prior to Mother’s unjust incarceration.

Father opposes modification of custody, based on Daughter’s alleged desires – and because Daughter has always lived with him and because it would “break his heart” to lose custody of her.

One may speculate that it broke Mother’s heart to be wrongly tried, convicted and incarcerated for murder and wrongly separated from Daughter for years.

Read more in this UK Daily Mail article: Give me a divorce and my daughter, says Angela Cannings, who was wrongly jailed for murdering her sons.

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Long Time Foster Family May Lose Out on Adopting Because Biological Father Decides to Drop Back into Child’s Life – At Least, For the Moment

Florida Baby’s biological mother is incarcerated for trafficking in narcotics and prostitution.

Baby’s biological father left the state when Baby was just three weeks old.

Baby was placed in foster care with a loving family, the only family she has since known.

Baby is now four.

Foster family continues to want to adopt Baby.

But, now, biological father, long absent, returns, out of the blue, to assert his right to take Baby to his new home in California.

It was recommended some time ago that social services terminate the biological father’s parental rights, to free the child up for adoption to her loving foster family.

Only it never happened, let alone in a timely fashion. Had it happened, the courthouse door would most likely have slammed in biological father’s face.

What is particularly sad in this case is that the foster family could have – and undoubtedly would have – asked the Court themselves to terminate the biological father’s parental rights – if they had only known that they had that power and right.

But no one ever told them … until it was too late.

Meanwhile, the biological father is allegedly still battling substance abuse problems of his own, even as the Court appears to be ordering reunification.

But the biological father has rights.

And, according to the family courts, Baby apparently doesn’t.

Read more in this Orlando Sentinel article: Orlando-area family faces losing foster child.

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Deadbeat Dad Deported From Canada and Jailed for Nonpayment of Half a Million Dollars in Child Support

Father doesn’t want to pay child support.

How badly?

So badly that he reportedly fled the US for Canada.

How much does he owe?

Allegedly, almost $500,000.

What distinction did that earn him?

A spot on the Ten Most Wanted list for nonpayment of child support.

And criminal charges.

And deportation from Canada.

Father is now being held in custody by authorities.

His bail was set at $500,000.

Read more in this Milford Daily News article: Top 10 deadbeat dad faces charges and this Metrowest Daily News article: Judge sets bail high for father.

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Canada to Enforce Premarital Agreements Crossing into Religious Issues

The Canadian Supreme Court recently ruled that a premarital agreement is a binding contract and that the Court has the power and obligation to enforce it – even where it has religious implications.

In the case at hand, a premarital agreement provided that, in the event the couple’s marriage broke down, the husband was to seek a “get” for the wife. A get is a divorce under Jewish religious law.

Without the get, under religious law, the spouses are still considered married to each other.

The husband refused to pursue a get for fifteen years, until after the wife was beyond her child-bearing years.

The wife sued the husband for breach of contract, seeking damages because she was unable to remarry and have kids within her faith.

But, of course, under Canadian law, she had the legal right to remarry and have children.

Read more in this Montreal Gazette editorial: Court erred badly in divorce ruling.

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To Divorce or Not to Divorce, That is the Question

Ten years ago a young Australian man wrote a book setting out all the questions and issues to consider before deciding to marry someone.

Using his own book as the determinant of whether to marry a young Utah woman, the young man opted to marry her.

The book garnered the young man significant media attention and launched his career as a marriage advisor.

Only a few years later, the couple divorced.

So then the young man wrote another book setting out all the questions and issues to consider before deciding to divorce your spouse.

Now I suppose he can say he has re-launched his career as divorce advisor.

Good save?!

One thing is certain. The decision whether to divorce is a complex one, which typically must take many issues and circumstances into account.

Read more in this Salt Lake Tribune article: Marriage guru’s own wedded bliss amiss, so he writes book on divorce.

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The Unintended Side Effects on Kids of Child Support

Payment – or non-payment – of child support may affect children in ways that go beyond money and are, sometimes, unintended.

For noncustodial parents who are struggling to meet their legal obligations, it may mean children making do with less during visitation – and the rest of the time too.

For parents fighting about child support, it may mean children experiencing misguided guilt – or anger and frustration – toward one or both parents.

Children may act out.

They may empathize with the nonpaying parent.

Or they may experience denial of a deadbeat parent’s delingquency – or resulting low self-esteem.

Or it may affect them years later.

Children may imitate a responsible parent – or an irresponsible parent.

And they may learn the value of a dollar.

Read more in this South Texas Monitor article: For children, child support can’t buy peace of mind.

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Postcards from Splitsville

Postcards from Splitsville.

It sounds like a joke. But it’s actually about a very serious subject …

A tool for helping kids (and adults) cope with divorce – and express their true feelings in a safe, supportive environment.

All as part of an eight week divorce recovery workshop started in Arizona for kids three and up.

It’s also for their parents, as participants – or as observers of the impact of their divorce on their kids.

This volunteer-led workshop could catch on and spread.

Read more in this Arizona Daily Star article: Group lets kids share sad sentiments and the Divorce Recovery website.

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OH: Penalty for Bigamy? Get a Divorce Already …

Ohio man is convicted of bigamy.

Man is sentenced to probation – and ordered to get a divorce from one of his three wives within six months.

Man fails to get divorce.

Man is arrested for probation violation.

Man is confined to house arrest.

Man is again ordered to get divorce.

Man faces jail time for probation violation and, presumably, original offense.

But the judge doesn’t want to put Man in jail. The judge just wants Man to get a divorce from one of his wives.

However, that still appears to leave Man with one wife too many …

Read more in this Cincinnati Enquirer article: Bigamist gets time to divorce a wife.

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Nevada Judge Held to Have Abused Discretion in Unilaterally and Summarily Sealing Former Judge’s Child Support Case Records and Issuing Gag Order

Florida has had at least its fair share of scandal over sealing of court records in violation of the law and open public records policy of this state. But we’re not alone.

A Nevada judge ordered that a child support case against another, former Nevada judge be sealed – unilaterally and summarily – and also entered a gag order in the case. The judge benefiting from the sealing and gag order was seeking to get back into the judiciary.

The sealing judge reportedly did not comply with Nevada legal requirements for sealing court records. But she defended her actions as being for the protection of the minor child.

The Nevada Supreme Court reversed and ruled that the sealing judge abused her discretion.

Further, according to the Los Angeles Times, which had her under investigation, the same judge allegedly presided over cases where friends or business associates were parties – on more than one occasion.

Read more in this Los Angeles Times article: Nevada judge abused authority, court rules.

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