Alimony Dispute Brings Husband and Wife to – Literal – Blows Outside Courthouse Before Couple Gets In Front Of Judge

A dispute over alimony turned physical in Pakistan recently.

Upon arriving at the courthouse, Husband and Wife came face to face with one another.

And Husband reportedly attempted forcibly to take Wife home.

So Wife allegedly responded by slapping him. Pretty good apparently.

Law enforcement reportedly came to Husband’s rescue by hauling him down to the precinct.

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Toddler Abandoned in Trash Can at Nature Preserve

Illinois Father and Mother have 3 year old Daughter.

Daughter was found, crying and alone, near a natural forested preserve.

Father allegedly deposited Daughter in a garbage receptacle at the preserve, and then traveled to Michigan.

Father is being detained by law enforcement in Michigan pending extradition on aggravated kidnapping charges.

Daughter is temporarily in the care of the Illinois child welfare agency.

Mother was in the process of filing a missing person’s report on Daughter.

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Woman Marries Time After Time … But Doesn’t Divorce First

Woman applies for marriage license. Her Application states that she has never been married before.

Not quite true. She allegedly has. Ten times actually.

It might be tempting to think that Woman was merely embarrassed to disclose the actual number of times she has been married. But it’s probably not that.

Woman reportedly had not divorced her previous husbands before remarrying each new husband. Bigamy, trigamy … polygamy is close enough.

They’re all illegal. But Woman may have been up to more than just that.

She reportedly was committing immigration fraud and will be facing felony fraud charges.

And subway farebeating …

Woman moved out of her apartment, reportedly to a homeless shelter.


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State Seeks to Terminate Parental Rights of Mother Accused of Murdering Two of Her Children, as Well as Those of the Father of Each Child

Michigan Mother had four Children. Two of them, aged 9 and 13, are deceased.

Allegedly by Mother’s own hand.

The deceased Children’s bodies were found in a large freezer, wrapped in plastic, when the authorities were executing an eviction at Mother’s home. It is believed that the Children died over a year before their bodies were found.

Mother has been charged with felony murder, premeditated murder, child abuse and torture in each Child’s death.

The surviving Children, born of two different fathers, are in the care of a relative of Mother’s.

A case is pending to terminate Mother’s and the Children’s respective fathers’ parental rights.

Both fathers are reportedly delinquent in their respective child support obligations. It further appears that each is allowed only supervised visitation and has not exercised visitation for a long time.

At a hearing in the case to terminate Mother’s parental rights, Mother seized the opportunity to heatedly accuse one of the Children’s fathers of having “never been there” and flew into an enraged rant when one of the fathers requested unsupervised visitation with one of the surviving Children.

Mother was removed from the courtroom when she became disruptive.

Mother will undergo a competency evaluation in the criminal case pending against her.


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Custody Cases: They May Not Be Limited to Humans Anymore

Custody cases are among the most passion-igniting and contentious family court cases.

Historically, these cases have been confined to children … with two legs.

The only kind that have been recognized by the law of child custody in the US.

But the law tends to lag behind society.

And with declining birth rates, US society has embraced our four-legged pets as surrogate children.

Separating pet parents have been reaching pet custody and visitation agreements for a long time, both formal and informal.

But the traditional family law framework of pets is as personal property, to be assigned a fair market value as part of property division in divorce.

This legal framework just isn’t consonant with the role that pets play in many modern US families.

And so child custody law is poised to evolve in regards to this issue, as it has with respect to other issues in the realm of family law.

A handful of judges are looking beyond pets’ property values and dipping their judicial toes into the pet custodial waters of the best interests of the pets and which pet parent served as primary caregiver.

Pet parents are even starting to seek domestic violence restraining orders against their exes … to protect themselves and/or their pets.

For better or worse, deja vu. Full hearings are pending … unless the pet parents settle.

Certainly, the allegations being asserted bear more than a passing resemblance to those typically set forth in child custody proceedings.

Even – or is that especially? – celebrities are getting into the act.



Spouse Tough to Nail? Service Through Facebook May Soon Be the Answer

New York Husband and Wife married back in 2009 and went their own separate ways very shortly thereafter. They reportedly never even consummated the marriage.

But they never legally divorced. Now Wife wants to get that over with … but Husband, not so much.

So Wife went ahead and filed divorce papers with the New York family court. But when it came time to serve Husband, Wife had no idea where he actually is:

  • Husband no longer lives in the same apartment – and claims not to have a set address.
  • The US Post Office has no forwarding address for Husband.
  • Husband apparently does not work for any third parties.
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles has no information on Husband.
  • And Husband uses a prepaid cell phone with no billing address on record.
  • Not even a private investigator could come up with an address for Husband to be served at.

But the way Wife is generally able to communicate with Husband is on Facebook. And so she asked the New York family court to allow her to serve Husband there.

And after reviewing the facts, the presiding family court judge did so, authorizing service by Wife’s attorney via Facebook private message sent from Wife’s account.

The Court spelled out a schedule of repetitions of the online service attempts, paralleling service by publication for truly missing spouses.

The Family Court judge based its ruling on the fact that for this particular defendant, service via Facebook was the one method most likely to give Husband actual notice that Wife is seeking to divorce him. And that is the whole purpose of personal service.


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Husband Sentenced to Minimum of Thirty Years for Murdering Wife on Day She Filed for Divorce

Husband and Wife have been married for more than twenty years, but they are separated.

There is a history of domestic violence by Husband.

Wife is ready to move on.

Wife files for divorce.

Wife then texts a friend that Husband is at her home and she is going to tell Husband that she filed for divorce.

That is the last thing seen or heard from Wife alive.

She vanished after that.

Until her remains were found ten days later, beaten to death.

A witness saw Husband the night Wife went missing. He was by his car, wearing latex gloves, in the vicinity of where Wife’s body was found.

Husband denied killing Wife throughout his two days of testimony, but was found guilty by a jury of second degree murder anyway.

Husband was sentenced to a minimum. of thirty years to life in prison.



Wife Who Defeated New York Prenup Arrested for Trying to Board Plane with Brass Knuckles

New York Wife doesn’t just take things lying down.

For example, her multi-millionaire Husband lobbed a prenuptial agreement at her just a few months before their extravagant wedding. And threatened to back out of their wedding if she didn’t sign it.

After her parents had shelled out $40,000 for the reception. For other folks, that’s a chunk of change.

The thing is though, according to Wife, Husband promised her a) that he would add her to the title of their home and b) that he would shred the prenup after they had children together.

Well, they did. But he didn’t.

So the New York family courts did it for him. And they were upheld by the intermediate and highest appellate courts in New York State. A pretty uncommon thing in the universe of antenuptial agreements.

And thereby set off shockwaves that rippled through the troubled waters of New York’s wealthy and aspiring wealthy.

How could such a thing happen?

Well, to be honest, a couple of atypical, extenuating circumstances may have factored in here.

First, this particular prenuptial agreement really was just about as one-sided as you can get.

Husband’s business is worth $20 to $30 million.

But, under the prenup, Wife was only entitled to a paltry $25,000 for each year they remained married. (So, to put things in perspective, her parents wouldn’t even recoup the cost of the reception if Husband tired of Wife before two (2) years had elapsed after their wedding date.)

And, other than that, Husband would keep the whole entire shooting match. Perhaps the New York family courts (and appellate courts) deemed that just a tad unfair.

Oh, and, second, the prenup wasn’t signed until just a mere four (4) days before their wedding. No pressure.

Interestingly, Wife represented herself for some portion of her divorce case. Which is actually old news, from 2 years ago.

But, for better or worse, Wife has some notoriety now. People take notice of the smallest things.

Like her trying to board a plane at Kennedy Airport with an intimidating set of brass knuckles. That’s the current news.

Such things are not allowed on airplanes these days. And so Wife was arrested and detained long enough to miss her flight (but her sons were allowed to continue on their flight to Florida).

Wife followed a bit later, with her “desk appearance ticket” for her court date on the charge of criminal possession of a weapon.

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Deja Vu: Another Chinese Mother Allegedly Abducts Child, Who is a US Citizen, to China, on heels of last such similar incident

American Husband and Chinese Wife meet overseas while Husband is serving in the military. In time, they marry and their Son is born on a US military base.

After Husband completes his service, Husband, Wife and Son move to Utah.

Husband and Wife’s marriage breaks down and they divorce. Husband and Wife agree to joint legal custody of Son … despite Wife’s alleged assault on Husband with a knife and Wife’s arrest for child neglect.

As part of their divorce, Husband and Wife agree that Son can travel to China with Wife to visit with relatives.

Husband saw Wife and Son off to the airport in 2014 on such a visit. They were expected back in six weeks.

But Wife and Son never returned. They remain in China.

Son no longer speaks English and does not appear to go to school.

Husband has enlisted the aid of the State Department, the FBI, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Chinese Central Authority (which handles claims of international child abduction to China) and a Dutch mediator.

But a year and $50,000 later, it is not clear that much progress has been made.

And in all that time, Husband has only been able to see Son in person for a few days. Their irregular visits over Skype over frustrating and disappointing.

Husband’s quest for Son’s return is hampered because China is not a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Husband is seeking an order for sole custody based on Wife’s alleged abduction of Son but, for the same reason, that may not help much.

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Convicted American Would-Be Islamic Terrorist Sues FBI for Invading His Privacy in Prison and Sharing Private Information for Use in a Child Custody Proceeding

Husband and Wife have a five year old Son together.

Husband, although born and raised in the US, converted to Islam and has repeatedly sought to travel abroad to enlist with terrorist groups there.

He has gone so far as to take Son with him to the airport on such ventures, to foster the illusion of innocent ordinariness.

But Husband’s actions and threats delivered via the internet thrust him on the radar of the FBI years ago. And ultimately landed him in jail for roughly the next twenty-five years.

And Wife’s silent loyalty to Husband got her deported from the US. (She is from Uganda.)

Son has been in the temporary de facto care of Husband’s mother (Grandma) who, ironically, happens to be a senior attorney with the US Attorney General’s office. But no court had actually stripped Husband of legal custody of Son when that happened.

Husband contends that the FBI unconstitutionally thwarted his parental rights – by blocking Son’s relocation to Jordan to be with Wife.

Husband further alleges that the government eavesdropped on his communications when he was incarcerated … and shared private information from those conversations, such as the planned removal of Son from the US, with Grandma.

Grandma had already filed a child custody proceeding to obtain formal legal custody of Son. And after the leak of Husband’s planned removal of Son to Jordan, the court determined that Husband and Wife were unfit parents and awarded permanent legal custody of Son to Grandma.

Husband now asserts that it was an invasion of his privacy for the government to disclose the content of his prison conversations to Grandma for use in a child custody proceeding. And for that wrong, Husband seeks monetary damages from the FBI and Grandma.

The court held that there was no valid expectation of privacy in prison, however.

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