Toddler Found Dead in a Swing Pushed by Mother For Hours, After She Retained Custody of Son Several Weeks Earlier

Mother and Father have three year old Son together. Mother and Father separate.

Father files for sole custody of Son, alleging that Mother’s behavior had grown erratic in recent weeks.

The Maryland family court was not persuaded, however, and left Son in Mother’s custody.

Several weeks later, Mother was discovered in a park, pushing Son in a swing for hours on end. Son was dead.

An autopsy on Son did not reveal any traumatic injuries, and a cause of death was not established.

Toxicology reports are still pending.

Mother has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

There is presently no evidence of any criminal behavior and no charges are being filed.



Husband Charged with Kidnapping and Unlawfully Restraining Wife … for Four Years

A Vermont Husband is charged with felony kidnapping and unlawful restraint of his Wife.

Husband allegedly held Wife against her will, locked in their shared home with his mother, for four years.

A ruling on whether Husband can continue to be denied bail is pending.

Husband maintains that Wife “wanted to be padlocked” and his attorneys assert that the prosecution cannot prove either spouse’s state of mind. Husband’s mother generally confirmed his position. Therefore, the defense argues, Husband should be freed on bail.

Wife reportedly escaped her captivity by jumping out a window on the second floor.

Wife counters the defense’s arguments by pointing out that she only “consented” to being confined out of fear that Husband would make good on his threats to do serious bodily harm to her, if not murder her.

Husband is twelve years Wife’s senior, and they first connected on the internet when she was sixteen years old.


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Beware These Financial Mistakes in Divorce

  1. Not having a laundry list of all of the assets (both physical and intangible) and debts, with at least a rough notion of their value
  2. Digging in Your Heels to Stay in the Home, even when it stretches you too thin
  3. Not Wrapping Your Head Around Your Expenses and Building in a Cushion:
  4. Allowing Hurt and Anger to Drive Tactics and Negotiations, to the Point of Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face
  5. Not Factoring in Tax Impact in Property Division
  6. Not Following Through on Important “Details”, such as updating titles, beneficiary designations, wills and trust, medical powers of attorney, verifying insurance policies regularly

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Divorce Court Turns the Table on Husband Who Casts Himself as Victim

Zambian Husband and Wife have been married for about a year. They have one child together.

Husband works a distance from home and returns only on weekends.

Third parties allegedly whisper in Husband’s ear that Wife is having affairs.

On a visit home, Husband finds contraceptives among Wife’s personal belongings, unused by them as a couple.

Husband believes the rumors he has heard about Wife, and files for divorce.

At trial, in the course of testifying about marital property acquired during the marriage, Husband attributes ownership of one parcel of land to his sister … only to have her deny any knowledge of the property in her testimony.

The family court judge chastizes Husband for lying under oath, a felony punishable by seven years in prison, and promises to refer the matter to the appropriate officials.

Wife testifies that she does not want a divorce despite Husband’s behavior.

Family court defers ruling on Husband and Wife’s divorce for reasons unspecified.

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Contentious Divorce Includes Raids By Police and the FBI Cyber Crime Unit

Tennessee Husband and Wife are divorcing, after about fifteen years of marriage, for five of which they have been separated.

Since before the marriage, Husband owns a successful company that provides lighting for entertainment events.

Husband now resides with his girlfriend, who works for his business.

One of the couple’s two children lives with Husband and one with Wife.

Prior to their wedding, Husband and Wife entered a prenuptial agreement.

Wife is seeking to overturn the prenuptial agreement on grounds of duress.

Husband’s company and his home are raided by the Knoxville Police Department and … the FBI Cybercrimes Task Force.

Husband accuses Wife of being behind the raids.

Yet, at least for the moment, this would seems to be contrary to Wife’s financial interests.

And the raids were reportedly authorized by search warrants.

Local authorities attribute the raids to a “probe”.

Wife apparently holds Husband and his girlfriend responsible for hacking her Facebook account and publishing private images of her following a mastectomy.

Wife has already succeeded in having one provision of the prenup struck, which blocked alimony when child support was payable.

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Husband Sets Wife Afire to Avoid Paying Alimony

Indian Husband and Wife argue. Wife leaves home to stay with her father.

Wife files a case for alimony and spousal support. Husband verbally promises to pay Wife an amount of alimony acceptable to her. Wife dismisses her support case.

Husband also proposes that he and Wife reconcile. Wife sets off to meet Husband.

Upon her arrival, Husband douses Wife with kerosene … and ignites it, setting her on fire.

Wife presses criminal charges against Husband and several members of his family who were involved in his scheme.

Husband is arrested for cruelty to Wife.

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Alimony Claim for Quarter of a Million Dollars … Each Month

Canadian Husband and Wife married almost thirty years ago.

During the marriage, Husband became very successful in business, and their family enjoyed a very high lifestyle consistent with having tens of millions of dollars.

Now that they are divorcing, Wife seeks alimony and spousal support of $250,000 … per month.

For the past number of years since the couple separated, Wife has been scraping by on a mere $46,000 per month.

At least some legal commentators in Canada aren’t raising any eyebrows over Wife’s alimony and spousal support ask though.

It seems alimony reform has not yet taken hold in our neighbor to the north.

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Ex Ordered to Pay Alimony Pushes to Advance Alimony Reform Initiative

California Husband and Wife divorce.

Their case is contentious. Part of what they fought over was spousal support.

To the tune of $100,000 in legal fees.

Since theirs was a very long term marriage, Husband was ordered to pay permanent alimony.

And now Husband wants to ban all alimony in new divorce cases, and terminate or phase out alimony in all existing cases.

And he’s turned political activist to try to accomplish just that.

Husband maintains that the entire concept of spousal support is “outdated” because many women today work.

Clearly, there is a lot of popular sentiment in favor of alimony reform at this time, but the devil is always in the details.

Florida proponents of alimony reform have certainly seen that firsthand.

It remains to be seen whether inflexible, one-size-fits-all legislative frameworks for reform can gain sufficient traction …

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