Family Family Court Judge Drips Sarcasm

Prior to the recent US Supreme Court rulings, Tennessee did not recognize gay marriage.

Now it does, arguably having rejected the definitions adopted by the Tennessee electorate.

Heterosexual Tennessee couple seeks divorce.

Tennessee family court judge declines to grant their divorce though, pending a ruling by the Supreme Court to clarify / redefine the meaning of divorce previously adopted by the Tennessee electorate.

It is unknown how far said Tennessee family court judge took his political statement … or whether the aforementioned heterosexual couple – or others in that Tennessee county – have since been able to get divorced.

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Broken Nail Fingers Girlfriend in Boyfriend’s Murder

Queens, New York Girlfriend reportedly confronts Boyfriend over his alleged affair.

Girlfriend allegedly shoots Boyfriend … two times. Boyfriend dies.

Girlfriend and her Son move Boyfriend’s body, with great difficulty, to an alley next to Girlfriend’s apartment building.

In the process, some of Boyfriend’s blood stains the rear bumper of Girlfriend’s car, and Girlfriend apparently dislodges an artificial fingernail … which lands on Boyfriend’s body.

Unable to move Boyfriend’s body any further, Girlfriend starts a fire to dispose of the evidence against her and her Son.

When police arrive on the scene, in due course, they note that Girlfriend is missing a fingernail … and that there is a broken artificial fingernail on Boyfriend’s body.

Police challenge Girlfriend on that point.

Girlfriend spontaneously confesses to killing Boyfriend.

Girlfriend is arrested for murder and Son for tampering with evidence.

At their arraignment, Girlfriend’s defense counsel argues that Girlfriend is a victim of domestic violence. Another woman filed several domestic violence complaints against Boyfriend several years ago.

Girlfriend is still denied bond, but Son is granted bonded of $5,000.


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Baby Taken Into Protective Custody Over Apparent Abuse Despite Confession By Babysitter

Mother and Father have Baby.

After an evening out, Mother and Father return home to find their Baby appearing ill.

The next morning, although a pediatrician is not concerned, Mother and Father take Baby to the emergency room. Luckily.

There, Baby is diagnosed with broken ribs and bleeding behind his eyes, consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

Mother and Father are stumped, until they learn of their friend and babysitter’s confession to a third party.

Despite the babysitter’s confession though, Baby is taken into protective custody (and placed with his grandmother) for two more weeks as a result of the apparent abuse.

The Babysitter has been charged with felony child abuse but, fortunately, Baby is expected to make a full recovery.

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Military Parent’s Child Custody and Jurisdiction Battle

Florida Husband and Wife have two Children together.

Wife serves in the armed forces and expects to be deployed to the Middle East.

As dictated by the military and sound parental judgment, Wife prepares and files with the military a Family Care Plan, designating who will care for her Children in her absence – and if anything should happen to her.

Wife designates Husband, who is also the father of Children.

As many prospective clients like to describe their situations, this sounds “straightforward”, right?

But the devil is always in the details.

Husband has some mental health issues and becomes unable to care for Children.

Wife is summoned home to pull together alternative arrangements in a flash.

Wife re-designates her StepMother as caregiver of Children.

Again, sounds “straightforward”, right?

Again, not so much.

StepMother has a falling out with other relatives and takes it upon herself to relocate herself and the Children to New Jersey. StepMother had no right to do that, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

On top of that, StepMother falls down on the job of caregiving and the Children are taken into protective custody by the child welfare agency in New Jersey.

Wife returns from her deployment about two years ago, to find this mess, which sounds like a law school essay exam question on child custody and jurisdiction.

The good news for Wife is that both Florida’s and New Jersey’s respective child welfare agencies now agree that it would be desirable to reunite Children with Wife, in Florida. But not so fast (two years in).

New Jersey’s child welfare agency believes Children are in need of significant services – and insists that Florida’s child welfare agency agree to provide them before Children will be released from their custody. Florida’s child welfare agency doesn’t appreciate its New Jersey counterpart’s attempts to dictate to it

But, after a conference call between the family courts in both states, it appears that everything is on track for Children to return to their anxiously waiting mother. All that remains to be ironed out is the timeframe.


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Girlfriend Absconds With $125,000 Dowry, So Boyfriend Sues Her in Civil Court

Chinese Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet in New York’s Chinatown, where the families of each own Chinese takeout restaurants.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend become engaged.

Custom mandates that Boyfriend’s family pay a dowry of $60,000.

In fact, Boyfriend’s family pays Girlfriend $123,000 in money and personal property.

Four months after the engagement and transfer of the dowry, Girlfriend stops communicating with Boyfriend.

Under the circumstances, Boyfriends asks Girlfriend to return the dowry.

Girlfriend disappears.

Boyfriend and his family then file a lawsuit against Girlfriend for return of the dowry.

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Divorce Grounds? Dinner Served Too Late

Nigerian Husband and Wife have been married for twenty-five years.

Husband files for divorce … citing very grave grounds:

Husband is hungry every evening because Wife feeds him his dinner too late.

Despite several warnings.

The Nigerian family court judge reportedly tries to smooth things over, but Husband isn’t having it.

The couple’s differences having proved irreconcilable, the Nigerian family court, though ambivalently, grants the Husband a divorce.

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