Jealous Husband Allegedly … Beheads Wife

Indian Husband is convinced Wife is engaged in an affair … with their son-in-law.

They argue. Husband enters jealous rage.

Husband allegedly beheads Wife with an axe.

Having apparently snapped completely, Husband allegedly carries Wife’s head outside their home and walks the streets of their town with it.

Until, eventually, police catch up with him and arrest him for murder.


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Messaging Apps and Social Media Arguably Becoming Preferred Means of Declaring Intention to Divorce – and Effecting Religious Divorce – in Muslim World

After Wife’s family reportedly pays Husband a dowry, Indian Muslim Husband and Wife marry.

Within a matter of weeks, Husband reportedly leaves the country for work in Dubai … and, using a mobile app called WhatsApp, text messages Wife an Arabic phrase which translates into English as divorcing. Husband follows the text with a “courtesy” e-mail and phone call delivering the same message.

It turns out that Husband had provided Wife with bogus work and home addresses in Dubai.

Wife, no fool, reportedly files complaints with the Indian family court, police and a so-called “women’s commission”. The authorities are actively engaged in locating Husband, to hold him accountable for his distasteful conduct.

Religious scholars debate the validity of invoking religious divorce via apps, text messages and similar technology. But the invoking Husbands are reportedly moving right along to their next wives – and, perhaps, dowry.

And while they are debating, it appears that an epidemic of such divorces is spreading like wildfire across the Muslim world …

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Couple’s Children Witness Domestic Violence Against Mother and Apparent Murder of Father in Self Defense

Husband and Wife have two Daughters together, ages eight and twelve.

Husband and Wife argue.

Wife flees the home and gets in their car with Daughters.

Husband follows and won’t back off, clawing at car.

Wife hits Husband with the car. Reportedly, accidentally.

Wife is arrested and charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and reckless homicide.

Wife, a school teacher, is suspended from her job.

Then a recording of the 911 call by elder Daughter is released.

The chilling call reveals that Husband had attacked Wife. And possibly the elder Daughter.

Daughters and Wife are clearly terrified.

The criminal charges against Wife are dismissed.

Wife is reinstated in her teaching job.

Conclusions were apparently leaped to.

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Family Court Terminates Appointment of Medical Guardian for Amish Girl Who Recovered from Cancer With Alternative Medicine

Amish Husband and Wife have several children including Daughter.

Daughter, at ten years old, is diagnosed with cancer.

Daughter’s physicians prescribe chemotherapy.

After beginning her course of chemotherapy, Daughter and her family do not want to continue with it.

Ohio family court appoints a medical Guardian for Daughter.

Guardian wishes to keep Daughter on chemotherapy.

In 2013, Husband and Wife flee with Daughter and the rest of their family to Mexico to pursue alternative treatments for Daughter.

At this time, Daughter and her family have returned to Ohio and Daughter is cancer-free.

Guardian has withdrawn her decision for Daughter to undergo more chemotherapy.

The Ohio family court has terminated the appointment of Guardian.



True Love Collapses Under the Onslaught of … Teasing

Twenty year old Saudi Wife and Husband have been married for only seven months.

But Wife has just divorced Husband anyway.

Her grounds? Husband is too short.

It is not reported whether Husband shrank after the couple got engaged, or even after their wedding day.

The difference in their heights is presumably great, and Wife has presumably been subjected to a tremendous amount of embarrassing teasing.

Ironically though, a study out of NYU suggests that shorter men make better husbands and are less likely than taller men to divorce. So Wife may come to regret abandoning her love match because of what other people think.


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Foster Care Numbers Take First Turn for the Worse in a Decade

After roughly a decade of a trend of decreasing numbers of children in foster care in the US, 2014 saw a sharp uptake.

The reason for the significant increase is not known, but the diminishing numbers over the previous decade are largely a result of politics, that is, changing policies and procedures whose goal was to shorten and avoid stays in foster care regardless of circumstances.

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How Not to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

British Mother has Daughter.

Daughter’s eighteenth birthday approaches.

Mother plans a special celebration.

Mother purchases almost six grams of … cocaine (street value about $1,000).

Mother’s plan is for Mother and Daughter to “snort” the cocaine while driving in a limo to London for an evening of partying.

It would undoubtedly have been a night to remember – except that Mother, who has several prior convictions, including one for drug possession, is arrested before the big day.

To Mother’s (and Daughter’s, I suppose,) dismay, the big day doesn’t come off as planned.

But, on the bright side, Mother receives only a suspended jail sentence (so she can care for a minor child she has and her elderly grandmother), and her only punishment is having to do community service.

Now that’s something to celebrate.


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Mother Loses Her Children … But Regains Possession of Her Car

Florida Mother goes to a Social Security office with her four year old and her five year old.

While she is in the office, she apparently spots repossessors preparing to tow her car away.

Intending to save her car, Mother runs out of the Social Security office, after her car.

Mother makes it into her car and with one thing and another, is driving around in it for the better part of an hour.

When she eventually makes it back to the Social Security office to collect her kids, well, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) beat her to it.

Police arrest  Mother for child neglect and DCF takes her children into protective custody.

As if this isn’t enough for one day, law enforcement issues Mother a federal citation for causing a disturbance in a federal building.

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Couple’s Most Common Arguments that often precede divorce

Therapists spot the following patterns to the arguments that seem to foreshadow a divorce (and hint at the fix):

  1. Just assuming that you know what your spouse is thinking or feeling without actually checking.
  2. Less sex, and no clue why.
  3. One – or both – spouses become disengaged from the relationship.
  4. Dragging the kids into the middle.
  5. Can’t even get on the same page about what they are arguing about; and
  6. Communication breaks down completely, possibly even replaced by purposeful secrecy.

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