Judge Allegedly Disobeys Family Court Order Entered in His Own Divorce

Husband and Wife are long since divorced.

In their California divorce, Husband agreed to pay Wife a portion of his military pension benefits as he collected them, and the agreement was adopted in a divorce court order.

Some twenty-odd years later, Husband has become a California judge and Wife has relocated to Arizona. At this time, Husband begins to collect his military pension.

Husband makes no payments to Wife.

Husband gives no notice to Wife.

What Husband does allegedly do is:

  • misrepresent to others that Wife’s former attorney, now also a judge serving with Husband, advised him not to pay Wife or notify Wife that he is collecting his pension now
  • have conversations with various judicial officers regarding the previously agreed and ordered calculations of Wife’s share of Husband’s pension benefits, and state that he would keep Wife’s share if she didn’t ask for it or died first
  • have conversations with various judicial officers regarding following an irregular procedure for obtaining court approval of the resolution of Husband’s payments to Wife
  • fail to disclose his long-standing friendship with an attorney who regularly appears before him in unrelated matters.

For all of the above reasons, plus several more, the body that supervises judges opened an inquiry into Husband’s judicial conduct.

The judge’s case has not been decided yet.


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South Korean Woman Charged With Marital Rape … For Advantage in Her Divorce

South Korean Husband and Wife are divorcing after ten years of marriage.

Wife has been convicted of fraud in the UK and Korea.

Wife reportedly also has a Boyfriend.

Apparently to gain an advantage in their divorce case, Wife allegedly resorts to physically confining Husband in their home, with the assistance of Boyfriend, and – forcing herself on Husband … to procure DNA evidence to use against him.

Unfortunately for Wife, her plan seems to have backfired.

Wife has been arrested and has the dubious distinction of being the first wife charged with marital rape in South Korea. South Korea first recognized marital rape as a crime when committed by either spouse in 2013.

Wife remains in jail pending her trial.


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Israeli Rabbinical Court Rationalizes Compassionate Ruling Granting Wife Divorce From Husband in Coma for Seven Years and Counting

Religious Jewish Husband and Wife are happily married.

Husband is involved in motorcycle accident and left comatose … for seven years … with no real hope of recovery.

Wife lives in limbo. Wife seeks divorce.

Problem is, under strict interpretation of Jewish law, the husband must be the spouse to seek – or agree to – any divorce.

Luckily for Wife, the Israeli rabbinical court is sympathetic to her circumstances and, after due analysis and consideration, concludes that, based on the Torah, Husband would want to release Wife from the marriage because Husband would know he is not fulfilling his marital obligations.

Important rabbis in Israel have unequivocally condemned the ruling though. But Wife, through her attorney, has requested that they reconsider.

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Divorce is Over, But Unhappy Husband’s Alleged Games Are Not

Texas Husband and Wife divorce.

Their minor child lives primarily with Wife.

Husband has reportedly already been convicted of the crime of Online Impersonation. He is currently on probation for posting an ad on Craigslist, as though the ad were Wife’s.

Now, Husband allegedly posts another ad on Craigslist, also as though the ad were Wife’s. This ad, however, goes further.

It contains a provocative photograph of another woman, instigatory language … and Wife’s actual cell phone number.

With which someone so inclined might ascertain Wife’s address (also the address of their minor child).

As a result of the ad, Wife receives numerous explicit text messages with graphic photographs.

An attorney who concentrates his practice on such cases can cite at least one similar case where the victim was sexually assaulted following a similar ad.

Wife here is seeking $1 million in damages.

And Husband just may be facing more than mere probation this time around.

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Previously Pregnant Man Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct Toward Now Ex-Wife

Husband and Wife divorce.

During divorce, Wife accuses Husband of stalking her.

Husband initially pleads not guilty to the charge.

Then Wife finds a GPS under her car.

Following police interrogation, Husband concedes that he placed the GPS there.

Why not? Husband reportedly believes he was within his “rights” because he owned the car jointly with Wife and Wife allegedly threatened to abscond with their children.

Whom, by the way, Husband gave birth to.

Husband is transgender, with his female reproductive organs intact. Wife cannot get pregnant.

Practical solution: artificial insemination of Husband.

And so Husband becomes pregnant man … with great notoriety.

Husband and Wife’s divorce took over three years. Because, when they divorce was filed, Arizona did not recognize same sex marriage or divorce divorce.

As for the criminal charge against him, Husband reconsiders and pleads guilty to disorderly conduct.

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Mother Allegedly Admits to Providing Teen Daughter and Friend with Heroin – Repeatedly

Pennsylvania Mother has fourteen year old Daughter.

Mother allegedly injects Daughter and her sixteen year old Boyfriend with heroin … more than once.

As many as three times, by her own admission.

Mother is arrested for endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors, drug delivery and some additional counts.

Mother’s Boyfriend also allegedly provided another form of heroin for the teenagers to “snort”.

Mother is in jail pending posting a bond of $50,000.

Boyfriend is also under arrest, for dealing drugs and child corruption.


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Prenuptial Agreements Embraced By Orthodox Jews … Really

Ohio Husband and Wife divorce. Sort of.

They are Orthodox Jews. And they were divorced by a secular family court.

But, being Orthodox, neither may remarry without a religious divorce, called a get. Under Jewish law, the Husband must consent to the get.

And, in some instances, the husband, like this Husband, refuses. Indefinitely. For no good reason.

Prompting some in the Orthodox Jewish religious community to try to intervene on behalf of the Wife who is, in effect, held hostage. Sometimes the intervention is private.

Sometimes it is anything but.

In the case of Wife, one of a very small, close knit Orthodox community in the Dayton area, a rally will be held to draw attention to the injustice against Wife, and others like her.

Husband reportedly abandoned Wife and their five children many years ago. At least one rabbi characterizes Husband’s conduct as domestic abuse, and a transgression under Jewish law.

In Israel, the Rabbinate issued a ruling that Husband must grant Wife a get … subjecting Husband to imprisonment there for his failure to comply. Metropolitan US rabbinates have confirmed the Israeli Rabbinate’s ruling.

It’s too late to help Wife, but her case also serves to highlight a relatively new and highly effective strategy to protect wives from just such situations: halachic prenuptial agreements. In halachic prenups, husbands agree in advance to grant their wives a get in the event of a secular divorce.

Halachic prenuptial agreements have been upheld and enforced consistently.

Read more in this Times of Israel article: Stuck in Jewish divorce limbo, Israeli woman wins viral support .