So … I Just Retired and Went on Social Security; Am I Off the Hook for Support Obligations Now?

Husband and Wife have a very young child together. Husband and Wife divorce.

Husband is court-ordered to pay long-term alimony to Wife as well as child support.

Fifteen years later, Husband retires and his income from his modest savings and social security is considerably diminished.

Like many ex-spouses paying support obligations, Husband imagines that his support obligation will automatically come to an end when he starts collecting social security (or social security disability).

But they are all wrong.

For child support and/or alimony purposes, social security and disability payments are considered income, and someone who is obligated to pay support is expected to pay support out of their social security and disability payments.

Now, if the amount of their income on social security or social security disability has shrunk, the amount of their support obligations may indeed be ripe for an adjustment.

But that generally does not happen automatically. Instead, the ex with the support obligation must apply to the court for a modification.

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Arrests Made for Facilitating Kiddie Wedding

Recent nuptials in Pakistan:

Boy and Girl. Seven years old and six years old. Really.

Six different adults were reportedly involved in orchestrating the occasion.

All were arrested. After the whole thing was captured on video.

The potential penalty they faced?

Six months in jail … and/or a fine of … US $500.

(Possibly not sufficient to deter such behavior?)

There are those in Pakistan pressing for reform, but there are many others fighting it just as vigorously.


  1. this International Business Times article – Pakistan: Police arrest 6 after arranged marriage of boy, 7, and girl, 6, in Punjab province and
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Not Just Another Incident of Domestic Violence

Husband and Wife meet after both immigrate to Australia. They marry.

Over the course of ten years, they have three children together, on top of Wife’s five children from a previous relationship.

Then, Wife is abducted. And Wife’s abductors tell her that they were hired to kill her … by Husband.

Shocked, Wife refuses to believe it. Until they put Husband on the phone within earshot, insisting that the abductors kill her.

The hitmen have values though. They don’t kill women.

So Wife is spared. And provided by her abductors with all manner of evidence against Husband.

Before it’s all over, Wife has a rare experience.

The opportunity to observe her own funeral. And after everyone else has left, Wife reveals herself to the last remaining mourner: Husband.

Who suffers a shock and a scare of his own. And then apologizes to Wife.

But she isn’t having any of it. Wife calls the police.

Husband confesses and is arrested.

His motive? Anger and jealousy; he thought Wife was going to leave him.

A judge sentences Husband to nine years in prison.

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Take Child’s Cell Phone Away, Go Straight to Jail, Do Not Pass Go

Mother and Father have twelve year old Daughter together, but Mother and Father separated several years ago.

While Daughter is visiting with Father, Father sees rude and “inappropriate” text messages sent on her phone.

Intending to impress better cell phone etiquette on Daughter, Father confiscates Daughter’s cell phone.

Mother, who apparently purchased Daughter’s phone, saw the matter differently.

Now married to a police officer, Mother reported Father’s seizure of Daughter’s phone to the police.

As a result, Father was issued a citation for theft by city law enforcement officers.

So Father retained an attorney to challenge the charge. Which was dismissed.

But did not end there.

Instead, police officers arrested Father … at 2 in the morning … and hauled him off to jail in handcuffs! On a more serious misdemeanor theft charge.

At Father’s trial, Daughter testified against him.

Still, Father was acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing under a (judge) directed verdict.

Yet, the big picture is that Father concluded that he needed to withdraw from Daughter in order to protect himself from further encounters with the criminal justice system over parenting issues.



Are Fathers Marginalized in the Family Court System?

A long-divorced Nebraska mother of adult children and guardian ad litem (aka child advocate) makes the case that fathers are under-appreciated by divorced mothers and, indirectly, by Nebraska judges.

In Nebraska, the typical divorced father is awarded just seventeen percent timesharing. And it appears that his exercise of all of that seventeen percent is likely to be thwarted.

This child advocate argues that at least twice as much parenting time should be awarded and that parenting time should be more vigorously enforced.

The child advocate also implies that more than half, possibly a lot more than half, of allegations of domestic violence are false … because they cannot be corroborated.

Whatever the merits of her other points though, with this assertion she is urging her readers to make a huge leap of faith without adequate justification.

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Real Rocky Marriage or Just a Convenient Shelter from Prying Eyes?

Husband and Wife have reportedly been going through a rough patch in their marriage.

And several record companies filed lawsuits against Husband and his business.

And then Husband and Wife legally separated. And divided their marital assets

And then, following a trial, the record companies won a judgment against Husband for roughly $16 million.

Kind of a lot of money, but then again, Husband testified in 2014 that he had had $190 million not so long ago. Still, less than $1 million at the moment.

Now the record companies would like to know where the other $189 million went. And they think Wife’s financial records are a pretty good place to start looking.

Wife is objecting with all she’s got, even, ironically, asserting marital communications privilege.

Meanwhile, the judgment is on appeal to an intermediate level federal court.

The record companies justify their unusual requests to see eight years’s worth of Wife’s financial records by the questionable timing of the couple’s separation without divorce and the sheer volume of Husband’s money that has, in effect, “gone missing”.

It does, at least arguably, smack of a fraudulent transfer …

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Want a Divorce? No Need. Done.

Ninety year old Husband and fifty-nine year old Wife have been globetrotting between New York, Massachusetts and France together for twenty years.

By all appearances, it has been a long and happy marriage.

Until Wife finds out that Husband secretly divorce her in the Dominican Republic … four months after their wedding.

Husband, who happens to be an attorney, supposedly played out a charade in the Dominican Republic, going so far as to hire attorneys there to pretend to represent both Husband and Wife in their divorce there.


Husband allegedly recently removed Wife from title of their Manhattan home based upon the foreign divorce. The home is worth about $1.4 million.

Now Wife is suing Husband to void the foreign divorce. Wife asserts that that divorce was fraudulent and invalid even under the laws and procedures of the Dominican Republic.

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Attorney Husband Allegedly Murders Pediatrician Wife

New York Husband and Wife are in the middle of a divorce initiated by Husband.

Both still live in the marital residence, a mansion set in a high end area in Scarsdale.

The first hearing in their divorce case is a few days away.

Husband is represented by a top local law firm. Wife has no attorney.

One might imagine that Husband is pleased that his divorce case is moving along.

But that would probably be wrong.

Instead, on a weekday morning, Husband allegedly stabs Wife to death in her shower.

Then calls the police.

Husband has been charged with murder.

During his booking, Husband stuffs cotton into both of his ears.

Wife is reportedly very well-liked.

Wife was a pediatrician at a nearby hospital.

Husband is a CPA and tax attorney.

Murder and domestic violence are not restricted to any particular socioeconomic demographic of the population.

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Afghan Man Cuts Off Wife’s Nose in Argument

Afghan Husband and Wife have been married for six years.

Wife is now twenty years old.

Husband and Wife got into an argument related to Husband becoming engaged to his intended second wife … a child of 6 or 7 years of age.

Husband reportedly flew into a rage and hacked Wife’s nose off with a knife.

Wife lost a lot of blood and was in critical condition. Surgical repair of her face was beyond the abilities of the local plastic surgeons. Wife hopes to be able to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery.

This is allegedly just the most recent abuse Wife has endured at the hands of Husband and his family.

Afghanistan reportedly has one of the worst records of violence against women, despite enormous expenditures by the US to shore up their legal system.

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Behind on child support? Then Albany, GA sounds like the place to be

For people whose child support account is in arrears, Albany, GA has devised a Parental Accountability Court to help them get back on track.

This court is not punitive. Rather, it helps to remove obstacles to parents paying child support, such as unemployment, addictions, mental health issues, etc.

This is just a small pilot program right now but it sounds promising.

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