A Ring for Every Occasion

Engagement ring. Wedding ring…

Divorce ring.

A new design – and social – concept.

Sometimes made from a wedding ring.

Why not?

A way of salvaging a beloved piece of jewelry.

A declaration of survival of divorce – and enduring family ties.

Often depicted by a gap in the ring’s circumference.

In these changing times, there are also rings for single people.

Signaling to the world that their wearers are happily, confidently single.

Interestingly, these message-conveying rings have led to more than a few dates with new acquaintances.

And, with the acceptance that relationships don’t last forever, there has emerged a marketplace for buying used engagement and wedding rings.

And specialty jewelry boxes to store the symbols of relationships that have gone by the boards.

So, there’s a ring (or jewelry box) for every occasion now.

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