Allegedly Suicidal Husband With Two Guns is Arrested for Firing One in Home

Florida Husband and Wife’s marriage is troubled.

Wife files for a domestic violence restraining order of protection against Husband.

Late that night, Husband awakens from a nightmare and confesses to Wife that he had dreamed of killing himself.

Husband asks whether Wife still loves him.

Wife replies in the negative.

Husband then removes a gun from underneath Wife’s pillow.

Husband tells Wife he cannot live without her.

Husband allegedly shoots at least one bullet into their bedroom ceiling.

Wife calls the police. Wife is not looking to have Husband arrested.

Instead, Wife wants to have Husband Baker Acted, that is, psychologically evaluated for posing a danger to himself and others.

Husband reportedly suffers from mental illness and is prescribed medication for same.

Husband gets his hands on a second gun.

Husband warns Wife that he will shoot at any police officers who come to their home.

Husband allegedly tries to kill himself.

Wife tackles Husband and manages to gain control of one of the guns.

Husband is arrested for discharging a weapon in a dwelling, a felony.

Husband is confined.

Husband is a Daytona Beach police officer. Wife is a former Deland police officer.

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