“Army Brat” Dies On-Base From Abuse by Soldier, And Army Denies State Law Duty to Report Child Abuse to Civilian State Child Protective Services

Daughter lives with Father and Stepmother.

Father is in the US army and lives on-base.

Father regularly beats Daughter.

Stepmother regularly beats and whips Daughter.

Stepmother confesses beatings to military Coworkers.

Coworkers report the child abuse to appropriate military personnel.

Military social workers and military police neglect to report suspected child abuse to state child protective services – as required by state law.

Military protocols are also violated.

Daughter dies as a result of abuse.

US army fires base’s highest child abuse official.

Army acknowledges that Daughter’s death could have been avoided by appropriate intervention by military officials.

Mother sues US army for damages.

Military attorneys argue that Army personnel “have no legal duty to report child abuse to civilian authorities” and that therefore Mother is not entitled to damages.

The Court has taken the matter under advisement and will rule at a later date.

In the meantime, Father is charged with murder and could be sentenced to death, if convicted.

Stepmother, having already pleaded guilty, is serving a twenty year sentence.
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