Attorney Charged with Murdering Girlfriend and Violating Domestic Violence Restraining Order of Protection

Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet at a university sporting event. Their relationship evolves and they move in together.

Fast forward. Girlfriend presses criminal assault and harassment charges against Boyfriend.

Boyfriend allegedly makes a threatening phone call to Girlfriend … while she is at the police station, for police hear.

Boyfriend is arrested, but released on his own recognizance. A domestic violence restraining order of protection is entered against him though.

Fast forward a little further. Boyfriend reportedly gets drunk and kills Girlfriend with his hands as his only weapons.

Boyfriend records a voice mail message to an ex-girfriend, reportedly confessing to Girlfriend’s slaying. He also leaves written confessions in their apartment.

Boyfriend allegedly places Girlfriend’s body – literally – on ice, in the bathtub.

Boyfriend uses Girlfriend’s cell phone to send text messages to Girlfriend’s friends, impersonating her and pretending that all is well with her.

Boyfriend is now under arrest for murder, criminal contempt for violating the order of protection, and evidence tampering.

Boyfriend is an attorney. He received some of his legal education at Columbia Law School, but graduated from a Florida law school and reportedly lived here for years.