Battered Husband Syndrome: Yes, There is Such a Thing

Although domestic abuse is popularly viewed as a “women’s problem”, women don’t have a monopoly on it, by any means.

Women can and do brutalize men too, with physical violence – and also with verbal and psychological abuse, which may sometimes be even worse.

In fact, a Canadian study finds that men are victims of domestic abuse in almost as great numbers as women – only men are far less likely to report abuse or seek help.

And when men do report abuse, they aren’t always taken seriously.

There was a time when domestic abuse against women wasn’t treated seriously either.

Domestic abuse should always be taken seriously by everyone.

If nothing else, Domestic Violence Awareness Month should get that message out and across.

Read more in this Victoria [Canada] Times Colonist article: Battered husband syndrome – Men who suffer physical abuse at the hands of a partner are often reluctant to report it.