Benefit of Divorce: It Spurs Improved Physical Fitness

A study of about 9,000 people over a period of several years concludes that divorcees and never-marrieds are a bit more physically fit than married couples.

According to treadmill performance testing and physical examinations, both men and women experience a decline in cardiovascular wellness during marriage.

Men who divorced during the study improved their fitness level. Women, who represented a much smaller segment of the population studied, did not exhibit the increase in fitness upon divorce. But other variables can explain that.

The study does not demonstrate causality between marital status and fitness. It is believed that social factors are the driving forces: dating singles pay greater attention to their physical fitness and settled couples tend to be more relaxed about it.

Women who were single throughout the study tended to become more fit over time. Both married and single men’s fitness diminished over time, but more so for married men.

Scientists conclude that people must be mindful of how life changes affect fitness and plan accordingly.

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