Blogs Threatened – Save the Internet Before It’s Too Late

I’ve previously posted about the defending campaign to Save the Internet Now: Act to Preserve Free Speech and Equal Access.

Blogs are under imminent threat.

By pending legislative telecom reforms that may end the net neutrality the public has benefited from since the beginning of the world wide web.

But Congress can still end that threat – and see to it that the various weblogs you read for valuable, free information, are here to stay.

Blogs like this one. And the ones we link to. And countless others.

If you want to protect the blogs you read, you owe it to yourself to read more about the threat to blogs in this informative article, Digital Gatekeepers, written by the the host of a weekly radio show on WHPK, the radio station of the University of Chicago, who is also a contributor to Chicago Indymedia and Third Coast Press, and an organizer with Chicago Media Action.

The time to Save the Internet is just about up.

Learn more at:

And if you want to Save the Internet and support blogs (like this one, the ones we link to and countless others), act right now. Call, fax or e-mail your Senators – today.