Boyfriend Convicted of Scalping Girlfriend

Kentucky Boyfriend and Girlfriend are in relationship. Girlfriend has a Son.

A picture of Girlfriend and Son can reportedly be seen on the Facebook page of some other man.

And see it Boyfriend does. And it sets him off.

He allegedly assaults Girlfriend, not only commanding his dog to attack her … but also himself using a knife to scalp her.

Boyfriend is arrested on two counts of assault.

Boyfriend is tried and convicted, and the jury recommends the maximum sentence of twenty years for his brutality.

During a post-conviction hearing, Boyfriend reportedly blames Girlfriend’s injuries entirely on his dog … and advises the presiding judge that “I don’t need a lecture”.

Girlfriend sustained severe injuries to one of her ears as well as extensive tissue damage to her scalp, and has since undergone six surgeries. She also suffered permanent nerve damage.

For all of which Boyfriend is sentenced to twenty years in prison (plus additional time for an unrelated parole violation). Boyfriend’s dog is euthanized as well.