Boyfriend With Extensive Domestic Violence History Faces Life Imprisonment for Allegedly Torturing His Girlfriend’s Cat and Several Violations of Order of Protection Girlfriend Has

Girlfriend has injunction for protection against domestic violence entered against Boyfriend.

Boyfriend allegedly violates order of protection multiple times, showing up at Girlfriend’s home, calling her and threatening her.

Boyfriend is arrested for torturing Girlfriend’s cat and several counts of first degree criminal contempt for violating domestic violence restraining order. Boyfriend is held without bail.

From jail, Boyfriend calls his aunt.

And Boyfriend tells her that, upon his release, he will put five bullets into a gun, one meant for Girlfriend, one for each of Girlfriend’s two children, one for himself and one extra.

Boyfriend has previously been convicted of four felonies and of eighteen misdemeanors, including attempted assault, three times, attempted burglary and aggravated criminal contempt.

Boyfriend faces incarceration for twenty-five years to life if convicted of the current charges.

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