Bracing for the Court Battle Over … The Engagement Ring

Connecticut Boyfriend and Girlfriend start dating in 2007.

Boyfriend takes Girlfriend to Italy toward end of 2008.

While there, Boyfriend proposes and presents Girlfriend with a $5,000 engagement ring.

Ring is a little too shabby for Girlfriend’s tastes.

Boyfriend takes it back.

And presents Girlfriend with a $12,000 ring.

That sits better with Girlfriend, and she accepts it.

Possibly because of the substitution or perhaps not, Boyfriend falls upon some harder financial times.

As a result, Boyfriend and Girlfriend break up.

What of the ring?

Well, Boyfriend wants it back now.

Girlfriend refuses, claiming it was a Christmas present.

Who gets the engagement ring?

A Connecticut family court rules that Girlfriend must return the engagement ring to Boyfriend.

This holding represents something of a (modern) shift in the law of premarital breakups.

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