Canadian Children Taken Into Protective Custody To Save Them From … Parents’ Offensive Political Views

Canadian child protective services removed a seven year old girl and a two year old boy from their parents’ home – because the girl was sent to school with a swastika painted on her arm and other Nazi-like graffiti on her body.

Authorities were also somewhat concerned about possible drug and alcohol abuse and truancy.

But mostly it was the swastika that got them going.

The removal touched off a political firestorm in our neighbor to the North.

The parents have since separated.

Rumor has it that the children will be released to their mother before long.

The case raises the question: is this the type of conduct, as offensive as it is, properly targeted by child welfare laws?

Now every parent has to wonder and worry: where is – and should – the line be drawn before the state may remove children from their parents?

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