Centralized Computer Support of Child Support Enforcement At Hand in Last State … Only Twenty-Two Years Late Under Federal Mandates

Of course, not every state can be first. And some are bound to be a bit slower than others.

But South Carolina wins the grand prize.

They are getting ready to rollout a centralized computer system for child support enforcement and tracking statewide – and beyond.

And it comes only twenty-two years late under federal requirements.

Still, the advantage of waiting so long is that South Carolina’s system will be the absolute latest, greatest.

The disadvantages include huge penalties to the federal government. As in $72 million so far – and another $10 million soon enough.

The new system will interface with other states’ systems to follow movements of people with child support obligations and new hires registered in state employee tracking systems.

Once finally implemented, more custodial parents should be receiving more child support money, much faster.

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