Parental Child Abduction: The Destination Isn’t Always Abroad

Many separating / separated parents fully appreciate the danger of abduction of their children abroad. Perhaps to their foreign-born ex’s homeland, someplace where he or she will have a legal advantage in child custody proceedings.

Most separating / separated parents do not perceive such a danger within the US today. But consider this …

A little boy went missing from his father’s home in Pennsylvania – in the morning, last Father’s Day.

The alleged culprit(s)? His mother, who had lost custody of the boy. And her boyfriend.

Macon, Georgia had just been ravaged by numerous tornadoes. But the American Association for Lost Children nonetheless was able to trace the missing child to that city.

Mother and boyfriend were reportedly charged with interference with custody of a child, among other charges.

And four other children were allegedly removed from the mother and boyfriend’s home and taken into state protective custody.

Nearly a year after the boy’s abduction. Right here in the US.

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