Child Abuse and Neglect By Designating Child As Driver for Intoxicated Parents and Younger Sibling

Texas Husband and Wife have two children together, a thirteen year old (Teenager) and a seven year old.

The entire family spend a Saturday evening at a so-called family night club.

Husband and Wife drink alcohol at the club. Enough that, by their own admission, they were intoxicated. And knew that it was not safe for them to drive the family home.

To solve this problem, Teenager volunteers to drive the family home … and Husband and Wife agree.

Witnesses on the road, reported the family’s car for weaving in and out of lanes, running through traffic lights, driving excessively slowly, multiple near-collisions and other erratic driving behavior.

Police pull the family’s vehicle over and find Teenager behind the wheel and Husband and Wife, inebriated.

Both parents are under arrest for child endangerment. Husband is also under arrest for driving under the influence – for about the seventh time.

Presumably the local child welfare agency got involved in short order …