Child Custody Dispute Amidst Eastern European Politics

Husband and Wife hail from an Eastern European country ruled by Husband’s brother. They have a Son together, who is ten years old.

Husband and Wife may have already divorced in 2009, but Wife denies it. (And Husband alleges that Wife committed bigamy during the marriage.)

Husband and Wife have disputes, which are being played out in courts in New York City.

Conspiracy and theft in their divorce property division, for example.

And child custody. Husband obtains an emergency hearing date to have Son’s custody transferred to him. To prevent Wife from absconding with Son.

The hearing is expected to take place soon. While waiting, Wife reportedly consoles herself that the New York courts are at least governed by laws, rules and procedures, implying that the courts of their native country are not.

Husband’s grounds for the emergency custody hearing?

Wife allegedly left Son with a babysitter while she partied abroad. And Wife allegedly is wanted by Interpol for crimes allegedly perpetrated in their native country, including kidnapping.

Husband and Wife were married for eight years.

Wife denies that she left Son with a sitter, maintaining that Son was visiting his half-brother in another Asian country.

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