Child Support is Welfare, According to A Father and Attorney Who Allegedly Hasn’t Paid Up

The reason?

Because, a now-suspended attorney and father says, there is no accountability.

To whom?

Not specified.

In his view, child support is, apparently, routinely diverted to:

  • drug abuse
  • gambling addiction
  • “lawyer-generated controversies”
  • partner support
  • income destruction and
  • father replacement agendas

And, in his opinion, the government’s mandating of the payment of child support to the custodial parent is unconstitutional governmental interference in childrearing, and slavery.

In his view, his child support obligations are satisfied by providing a home with play areas for his children during their timesharing with him.

His implied premise: his children’s support during the other parent’s timesharing, even if that is the vast majority of the time, is entirely the sole concern and responsibility of the other parent … unless, perhaps, there is accountability … presumably, to him.

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