Child Support: Thirty Percent of Parents Required to Pay are Behind or Not Paying at All … and That’s in Nebraska

Nebraska processes over 100,000 child support cases each year.

With a staff of 100 people.

So far this year, they’ve collected $217 million for recipient parents.

But about 30% of parents obligated to make child support payments through Nebraska are behind … or not paying at all.

That’s in Nebraska. Where they agree the problem is not as severe as in other states.

As mentioned in the article, some obligated parents just go off the grid completely. Making it all but impossible to even find them, let alone collect from them.

For those who aren’t off the grid, their income, their accounts at financial institutions and their tax refunds are all available to pay off their child support arrears.

And their driver’s licenses as well as professional licenses are at risk of suspension.

Read more in this [Lincoln, NE] 1011 News article: DHHS: Nearly 30% of parents aren’t up to date with child support payments.