Inter-County Bureaucracy, Bureaucracy and Cruel Irony

In April, a Wisconsin social services agency concluded that two siblings were safe and no further action was warranted.

On May 8th, a Wisconsin County filed for support for the two siblings.

On May 22nd, the Father filed to divorce the Mother.

A hearing in the divorce was set for June 18th.

A hearing on support was set for July 1st.

What’s wrong with this picture?

On May 5th, the Mother allegedly murdered one of the children, a two year old boy.

The Mother reportedly worked part-time for a Wisconsin children’s social welfare agency.

The Mother is now being held in a secure location, on charges of first degree intentional homicide.

The other sibling, a girl, has been temporarily placed with the Mother’s parents – whose home the Mother and children were at at the time of the toddler’s death.

The Father seeks custody of the girl.

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