China Makes History … Grants First Divorce Via Text Message

For those with disabilities, the simplest tasks can be far too challenging.

Imagine having to deal with the legal system to get a divorce when you can’t hear … or speak.

How difficult would that be?

That was the challenge faced by a couple in China – and the presiding Court.

In our multicultural and multilingual nation, people who don’t speak English routinely testify through foreign language translators.

But what if the litigant doesn’t speak any language?

For deaf and / or mute people who know sign language, the obvious solution is an interpreter of sign language.

But not everyone is able to study or learn sign language. And, perhaps, courts may not have adequate access to interpreters on an as-needed basis.

If you think about it, modern technology actually furnishes newer alternatives to sign language that may well serve non-hearing and non-speaking people better in most of life’s daily needs.

But in the courtroom? In China?

Well, the solution that the couple in this case came up with was text messaging.

It’s almost humorous, but there is a certain elegance to the solution that allowed both spouses and the judge all to communicate with each other directly, without need of a translator or other intermediary.

That’s certainly optimal, where possible.

And it is reportedly a first for the history books.

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