Choose: Bear Arms or Rock Foster Babies’ Cradles, But Not Both in Nevada

Nevada Husband and Wife have long term marriage. Life has been good to them.

Husband and Wife wish to adopt foster children into their family. There are many foster children in Nevada in need of loving homes.

Like many people in Nevada, Husband and Wife have gun permits – and own and keep guns in their home.

And because of that, current Nevada law prohibits Husband and Wife from adopting foster children.

A Nevada legislator has now proposed a change to Nevada law to allow people with legal gun permits and lawfully permitted guns to adopt foster children if they lock their guns up in a secure receptacle.

Nevada’s child welfare agency apparently opposes the measure, because foster children are reportedly more fragile than other children and might react badly in the presence of a gun.

Nevada’s current law does not preclude a couple who own lawfully permitted guns from raising their own biological children or from raising privately adopted children. Only foster children lose out on this pool of potential families otherwise ready, willing and able to take them in and raise them.

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