Co-Parenting …With Big Brother? …

Washington state Couple are devout Christians, with libertarian leanings. They subscribe to what may be characterized as minority views regarding certain health matters.

Couple has two toddlers, Twins. The Twins were born at home, with no one but Couple in attendance. Strike one against Couple.

One of the Twins has eczema, a chronic skin condition. The medical community favors treatment with steroids.

Steroids can have lasting and severe side effects, however, particularly with use over extended periods of time. As a result, some people prefer to use natural and other alternative treatments.

Couple are among the people who prefer natural treatments. Strike two against Couple.

Couple are breastfeeding Twins. The government is of the opinion that Twins are “too skinny”. Strike three against Couple.

Washington state’s child protective services (CPS) removes Twins from Couple and takes them into custody, asserting that they were neglected and poorly nourished.

Twins were ultimately returned to Couple’s custody … but CPS was to monitor the family over time.

Couple, fearing ongoing government intrusion into their privacy and parenting, left Washington and headed for California.

Where they were apprehended by law enforcement. And arrested. And Twins were taken back into so-called protective custody yet again.

Now Couple is on trial. Whatever the outcome, will this be the end of it? And is Couple the proper target of child protective services action?


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  2. this King5 NBC TV news article: Bellingham couple’s child custody trial begins .