Contentious Divorce Includes Raids By Police and the FBI Cyber Crime Unit

Tennessee Husband and Wife are divorcing, after about fifteen years of marriage, for five of which they have been separated.

Since before the marriage, Husband owns a successful company that provides lighting for entertainment events.

Husband now resides with his girlfriend, who works for his business.

One of the couple’s two children lives with Husband and one with Wife.

Prior to their wedding, Husband and Wife entered a prenuptial agreement.

Wife is seeking to overturn the prenuptial agreement on grounds of duress.

Husband’s company and his home are raided by the Knoxville Police Department and … the FBI Cybercrimes Task Force.

Husband accuses Wife of being behind the raids.

Yet, at least for the moment, this would seems to be contrary to Wife’s financial interests.

And the raids were reportedly authorized by search warrants.

Local authorities attribute the raids to a “probe”.

Wife apparently holds Husband and his girlfriend responsible for hacking her Facebook account and publishing private images of her following a mastectomy.

Wife has already succeeded in having one provision of the prenup struck, which blocked alimony when child support was payable.

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