Convicted American Would-Be Islamic Terrorist Sues FBI for Invading His Privacy in Prison and Sharing Private Information for Use in a Child Custody Proceeding

Husband and Wife have a five year old Son together.

Husband, although born and raised in the US, converted to Islam and has repeatedly sought to travel abroad to enlist with terrorist groups there.

He has gone so far as to take Son with him to the airport on such ventures, to foster the illusion of innocent ordinariness.

But Husband’s actions and threats delivered via the internet thrust him on the radar of the FBI years ago. And ultimately landed him in jail for roughly the next twenty-five years.

And Wife’s silent loyalty to Husband got her deported from the US. (She is from Uganda.)

Son has been in the temporary de facto care of Husband’s mother (Grandma) who, ironically, happens to be a senior attorney with the US Attorney General’s office. But no court had actually stripped Husband of legal custody of Son when that happened.

Husband contends that the FBI unconstitutionally thwarted his parental rights – by blocking Son’s relocation to Jordan to be with Wife.

Husband further alleges that the government eavesdropped on his communications when he was incarcerated … and shared private information from those conversations, such as the planned removal of Son from the US, with Grandma.

Grandma had already filed a child custody proceeding to obtain formal legal custody of Son. And after the leak of Husband’s planned removal of Son to Jordan, the court determined that Husband and Wife were unfit parents and awarded permanent legal custody of Son to Grandma.

Husband now asserts that it was an invasion of his privacy for the government to disclose the content of his prison conversations to Grandma for use in a child custody proceeding. And for that wrong, Husband seeks monetary damages from the FBI and Grandma.

The court held that there was no valid expectation of privacy in prison, however.

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