Cooperative Divorce Law: Yet Another Path to a Florida Uncontested Divorce

I’ve previously posted, more than once, about mediation, a very common route to a Florida uncontested divorce, and collaborative law, a trendy, generally higher-end path to a Florida uncontested divorce.

A California attorney attaches yet another label to yet another path to an uncontested divorce: the cooperative divorce law approach.

What’s that?

Cooperative divorce is a variation of collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce typically involves a sizable team of professionals.

This can add substantially to the cost of a Florida uncontested divorce … and in many cases is professional overkill.

Cooperative divorce seems to be a more cost-effective and practical alternative.

For one thing, the nonlawyer professionals (accountants / financial planners, mental health professionals, etc.) are not brought on to the team unless and until they are demonstrated to be needed. In many cases, all of them or some of them may not be.

Also, if, despite the best of intentions on both sides, it turns out that all or some of the issues in the case cannot be resolved amicably, the original lawyers may continue to represent both spouses in litigation. In the collaborative approach, if the case doesn’t settle, both parties must start over with new lawyers. That results in substantial additional expense and slows the process down.

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