Couple Rejected as Foster Parents Because They Believe in Corporal Punishment

Massachusetts Husband and Wife have two biological daughters and a biological son. Now they want to take a foster child into their home as well.

Husband and Wife are born-again Christians. They believe that the bible encourages parental discipline in child rearing. As such, they sometimes spank their biological children.

And because Husband and Wife embrace corporal punishment, Husband and Wife are rejected as foster parents by Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families. Even when though they promise not to use corporal punishment on foster children.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) maintains that corporal punishment would be damaging to children of abuse.

Husband and Wife appeal DCF’s decision through Massachusetts’ court system. And both the trial court and Massachusetts’ highest court side with DCF over Husband and Wife.

Husband and Wife do not plan to appeal to the US Supreme Court, although they believe a freedom of religion constitutional argument applies.

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