Court Cracks Down on Husband for Not Paying Ordered Alimony and Not Making Financial Disclosure

Husband and Wife are going through nasty divorce.

And Husband is being prosecuted for numerous white collar crimes.

Husband owes Wife $10,000 in alimony.

And financial disclosure in their divorce.

Minnesota trial court holds Husband in contempt of court … and orders Husband to jail.

After three nights of incarceration, Husband promises the Court he will make full disclosure and has already made almost all required payments to Wife.

Court releases Husband from confinement on “furlough”, under threat of doing more time should he not keep up with his payments to Wife and not live up to his promise to make fair disclosure.

Incarceration is a highly effective, but little resorted to, remedy for noncompliance with Florida’s mandatory disclosure requirements and discovery process.

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