Custodial Parent from Idaho is Believed to Have Abducted Son to Mexico for Reasons Unknown

Idaho Mother has custody of her Son. Father lives in Idaho too.

According to Father, Mother has passports for herself and Son, copies of their birth certificates and the proceeds of the sale of a home she owned in Nevada.

And now, about six months after their divorce, for reasons unknown, Mother is suspected to have fled with Son to Mexico, after she failed to drop Son off to Father for visitation on November 30th as scheduled following a trip described as being to California.

But neither Father nor authorities are at all certain where Mother and Son are.

Father brought in the FBI, and Mother is being sought on kidnapping charges.

International abductions from Idaho are reportedly not common.

Mexico is a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, so it’s not the worst place for Mother and Son to be for purposes of securing their return.

But until they are located, it’s difficult to work on their return.

Father says he worries how the kidnapping and separation will affect Son emotionally and psychologically.

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