Just Another Visitation Dispute – with Murder Attempts and a Terror Threat against the Judge

An Alabama man, who was reportedly denied court-ordered visitation with his kids by his wife, is still waiting to have his visitation.

First, his wife’s stepfather allegedly shot at the man and his mother – while the children were being carried in their arms.

Two shots found their targets, one being the man’s head. The man didn’t want his children to see his injuries.

Next, the man’s wife’s mother allegedly made a terrorist threat against the judge who had held the children’s mother in contempt of court and sentenced her to 25 days in jail for denial of visitation.

At this point, social services is struggling to come up with a safe and secure way for the man to have his visitation with his children.

And now the kids’ father is no longer seeking visitation only.

He’s seeking sole custody.

This may not be one of the presiding judge’s more difficult decisions.

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