FL Grandparents Awarded Temporary Custody Pending Outcome of Investigation Into Mother’s Death in Shootout Involving the Father

A young mother died in a motel room in nearby Hollywood (Florida). Her boyfriend was shot and wounded there. Miraculously, their four month old baby daughter was present, but not injured.

What happened?

The police concluded that the mother committed suicide. The father is reportedly blaming the mother for shooting him.

The young woman’s family insist she would not have killed herself, and characterize the couple’s relationship as very stormy.

At stake is custody of the baby.

Typically in Florida, a surviving parent would be the baby’s sole guardian and custodian. That’s what the baby’s reported father is fighting for – but it was not reported that any court order has ever legally established paternity of the baby.

Under the uncertain circumstances of the case, a Broward County court awarded temporary custody of the baby to her grandparents, pending outcome of the police and coroner’s investigation into her mother’s death.

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