DCF Takes 17 Year Old Into Protective Custody to Ensure She Has Chemotherapy Against Her Mother’s and Her Alleged Wishes

Connecticut Mother is raising Daughter alone since her divorce. Daughter is 17 years old.

At 18, Daughter will be considered a legal adult.

Daughter is diagnosed with cancer. The medical community claims an 80% or better success rate in treating Daughter’s type of cancer.

Daughter reportedly did not wish to undergo chemotherapy, describing it as “poison”. Daughter skipped some doctor’s appointments.

Doctors reported Daughter’s situation to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). DCF began juvenile court proceedings to remove Daughter from Mother’s custody and take her into protective custody of DCF.

And so Daughter was allegedly forced to undergo chemotherapy. And reportedly all but cut off from any contact with Mother during her chemotherapy.

Her cancer in remission and her treatment almost concluded, Daughter seeks to be returned to Mother’s custody or, failing that, to be allowed to have visitation with Mother. Although her treatment is normally performed on an outpatient basis, Daughter has been confined at her treating hospital as an inpatient.

Mother and Daughter anxiously await the Court’s ruling. Regardless, it is believed that Daughter will be permitted to return to live with Mother at the conclusion of her months’ long chemotherapy treatment.


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