Debut of Novel Child Support Enforcement Remedy Approaches

Ex is ordered to pay child support in divorce. But Ex isn’t paying.

You’ve tried wage garnishment. Driver’s license suspension. Liens on assets. Etc.

But Ex is still way behind.

What’s next?

Maybe it’s time for a different sort of enforcement mechanism.

Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents … a sort of Deadbeat TV.

The latest in a rash of reality TV shows.

Featuring parents who are not paying their court-ordered support.

Imposing what is arguably the harshest punishment for nonpayment: publicity.

At least that’s what the new television show’s producers hope.

Time will tell how this new enforcement remedy stacks up against more traditional statutory measures.

Read more in this [Moosic, PA] WNEP-TV 16 news article: New TV Show Targets Deadbeat Parents.