Denial of Marriage License in Eighteen Year Relationship Ready for Next Level

Unlike getting a divorce, it is fairly easy to get married, most people would agree.

But, even so, there are a few impediments to marriage. As some rudely discover.

Woman has been involved with Man for eighteen years. Eighteen.

Now the time has come for them to tie the knot. Woman applies for marriage license.

But her application is … denied. Eighteen year relationship.

New York City clerks informed Woman that she is … already married. Since the age of 18.

To a man she is quite certain she has never met. At a time when she was already living with the lucky Man she wants to marry now … and some other extended family members.

Woman deduces that one of those others, who bore a family resemblance to her, “borrowed” her ID to pull off a scam to fund her “habit”. Eighteen years.

Woman appeals the denial of her marriage license and shares her deduction with a New York City administrative law judge. Who concurs with her analysis.

Administrative law judge reverses the denial of Woman’s marriage license and paves the way for Woman’s marriage to Man, after these eighteen years.

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