Disagree with the Court’s Order? Then Shoot the Judge, As One Israeli Threatens in the Heat of the Moment

Husband has upcoming hearing on Wife’s claim for alimony.

Husband doesn’t want to pay. Certainly not the amount Wife is asking for.

Husband, who has no lawyer in the case, tells Wife’s lawyer that he would shoot the presiding judge if he is ordered to pay that kind of alimony. Husband also threatens to set fire to the courthouse.

Not the best moves.

Husband is criminally convicted on his threats against the judge.

And sentenced to thirty-eight days in jail. And another five months, suspended. And three months of community service.

All things considered, the judge is pretty lenient and considerate of Husband’s situation. She looks to Husband’s clean record and the fact that he didn’t have a lawyer at the time that he spoke out.

Unfortunately, Husband’s threats are hardly unique in Israel at this time.

Read more in this [Israeli] Haaretz article: Petah Tikva man gets 38 days for threatening to shoot judge.