Distant Grandparent Seeks Guardianship of Little Girl After Her Second Parent Dies While Raising Her with Active Involvement by Both of His Parents

Husband and Wife have baby Daughter.

Marriage deteriorates. Divorce is filed.

Wife is killed in car accident. Divorce stops.

Wife’s will expresses Wife’s wishes that her mother, Daughter’s grandmother, raise Daughter if something were to happen to her.

But Daughter has a father, Husband.

Husband raises Daughter in North Dakota, sometimes living with his father and sometimes with his mother. Both of his parents are very involved in caring for Daughter.

Now Husband dies in a car accident.

Husband did not leave a will.

Now all the grandparents want Daughter.

Wife’s mother, who lives in far off New England, somehow obtains temporary guardianship of Daughter.

Wife’s mother points to Husband’s father’s disability and Husband’s mother’s allowing her own youngsters to be raised by Husband’s father after their divorce. Husband’s father contends the disability limits heavy lifting and Husband’s mother explains that she only left the children with her ex for continuity.

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