Divorce is Over, But Unhappy Husband’s Alleged Games Are Not

Texas Husband and Wife divorce.

Their minor child lives primarily with Wife.

Husband has reportedly already been convicted of the crime of Online Impersonation. He is currently on probation for posting an ad on Craigslist, as though the ad were Wife’s.

Now, Husband allegedly posts another ad on Craigslist, also as though the ad were Wife’s. This ad, however, goes further.

It contains a provocative photograph of another woman, instigatory language … and Wife’s actual cell phone number.

With which someone so inclined might ascertain Wife’s address (also the address of their minor child).

As a result of the ad, Wife receives numerous explicit text messages with graphic photographs.

An attorney who concentrates his practice on such cases can cite at least one similar case where the victim was sexually assaulted following a similar ad.

Wife here is seeking $1 million in damages.

And Husband just may be facing more than mere probation this time around.

Read more in this [Dallas – Fort Worth] CBS 11 TV news article: Ex-Husband Accused Of Posting Salacious Craigslist Ad Using Ex-Wife’s Identity .