Divorce Property Division Complicated By Receiver’s Duty to Compensate Victims of One Spouse’s Co-Conspirator’s Ponzi Scheme

Conspirator is convicted of running a Ponzi scheme defrauding customers.

California Husband allegedly moved billions of dollars around in furtherance of the scheme.

Husband pleaded guilty to criminal charges of money laundering and could be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison.

And recently divorced his Wife. And agreed to give Wife almost all of their assets.

Husband and Wife still live together. Claiming poverty.

Court appointed receiver wants to apply divorce settlement assets earmarked for Wife to compensate victims of Ponzi scheme.

Husband maintains that no assets have actually been transferred from Husband to Wife yet.

And Husband and Wife agree that their marital assets should be applied to compensating victims.

Husband is even willing to have the entire divorce undone … but he would need attorney’s fees and costs from the receiver to be able to accomplish that.

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