Divorce Rates By Profession

Divorce statistics abound. But not so much by profession.

A recent study, however, does exactly that. And dispels the notion that physicians experience divorce rates higher than others engaged in grueling professions.

In fact, medical doctors in general were less prone to divorce than other health care professionals, such as dentists, health care executives, and nurses, and less likely to divorce than attorneys and non-health-care professionals.

Among health care professionals, though, pharmacists were least likely to get divorced. And among physicians, surgeons and psychiatrists were most likely to divorce.

One interesting side note is that women medical doctors were more prone to divorce than male physicians.

The lead researcher speculated that the reason for this is that female physicians experience greater stress, due to greater responsibilities in family life, in addition to professional stresses and demands.

The study found a correlation between number of hours worked and divorce, for women, … but not for men.

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