Divorcing Wife Seeks Compensation for Expected Lost Alimony and Retirement Benefits Due to Husband’s Salary Reduction Resulting From His Alleged Workplace Affair

Husband and Wife are in the middle of their divorce.

Husband works for a California City.

Husband allegedly promotes his Girlfriend from a low level purely administrative position to a high level supervisory position.

The City then demotes Husband for violating the City’s employee romance policy.

Husband’s demotion costs Husband $36,000 in annual salary.

And, according to Wife, costs her substantial lost alimony and retirement benefits as well.

Which is why Wife is suing the City for approximately $4 million in damages.

Wife asserts that Girlfriend is so glaringly underqualified that Husband’s supervisors were negligent in supervising him. Girlfriend, however, remains in the position to which Husband promoted her.

Husband is also suing the City, in a separate lawsuit.

There is some dispute as to whether City’s formal prohibition on supervisors romantic entanglement with subordinates was in effect at the time Husband’s affair began. However, Husband’s supervisor reportedly objected to the two married City employees having an affair.

Some commentators conclude that Wife has no standing because she was not an employee of the City and she cannot prove any damages to herself, at least not until her divorce is final.

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