Domestic Violence: Another Side of It

Eighty-two year old Husband owns used auto parts business.

Husband has stroke.

Wife gets legal guardianship of Husband.

Husband is admitted to nursing home.

Eighty year old Wife discharges Husband from nursing home.

Wife rejects in-home nursing care.

Husband and Wife live in back room of Husband’s business establishment…

In conditions unfit for human habitation.

Police find Husband, unattended, at his business establishment, malnourished, with numerous bedsores, afflicted by dementia, and wearing soiled clothing.

Wife is arrested for abusing Husband.

Wife represents herself at trial.

Wife maintains, in essence, that Husband is fine and should be allowed to return home.

Wife is convicted of abusing Husband.

Wife is ordered to relinquish legal guardianship of Husband to Wife’s and Husband’s daughter or the state.

Wife is denied unsupervised visits with Husband.

Wife is sentenced to eight years’ confinement in prison, suspended, with probation.

If Wife disobeys any of the court’s orders, Wife’s suspended sentence could be reinstated.

Husband is committed to a nursing home.

Wife reportedly states that Husband is unhappy in the nursing home and will be retaining his own counsel to procure his discharge.

Husband and Wife have at least $1 million in assets.

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