Domestic Violence … By Seasoned Salt

A 16 year old Florida girl has been charged with a domestic violence crime and is being held in juvenile detention.

She allegedly admitted to putting seasoned salt into her mother’s food. How is that a crime?

Apparently, her mother is allergic to seasoned salt, among other things.

The mother has reportedly been experiencing allergic reactions for weeks, this latest one serious.

There is no indication whether the allergic reaction could have resulted in death.

When the girl’s half-sister learned of her tainting of their mother’s food, the accused threatened her life.

A recent similar incident between two unrelated, younger boys touched off a media debate as to whether a child willfully tainting another child’s food with a substance to which that child is allergic should be a chargeable offense and, if so, the severity of the penalties that should be considered.

The beginnings of an epidemic of juvenile angst … that has the potential to take a lethal turn against friends and family?

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