Domestic Violence Turned Sideways: Wife Allegedly Conspires to Murder Husband

Idaho Husband and Wife set off with their four children on a family vacation to Las Vegas.

Only it turns out that Wife was having an affair … and Husband knew it. He allegedly had someone rough up Wife’s boyfriend – and taunted that he would take their children away from her.

Husband and Wife’s van is flagged down by police one night for nonworking headlights. But the police send them on their way.

Later on, at Wife’s urging, Wife’s brother allegedly assaults Husband with a hatchet, striking Husband multiple times, until he was nearly decapitated … while Wife reportedly held Husband down. During the struggle, Husband stabbed Wife’s Brother once.

Wife then called police to report a carjacking and attempted murder when they stopped due to car trouble.

Wife and her brother were expected to be charged with murder and conspiracy to murder.